Join Time Traders Club and get just the help and expertise you need, when you need it while making friends and growing your referral network.


What if you could get *just* the help
you need in your business for free?

When you started your business, I bet nobody told you how much you would have to learn about things that have nothing to do with the service or product you provide your clients.

But, you are just beginning (or have been at this a while but are still spending money as fast as you make it). You know you shouldn't be doing it all - but you can't figure out how to get the help you need without spending money you don't have…

It's tough out there. Over the past 10 years, as online marketing consultants , we saw hundreds of really smart people fail because they just couldn't learn and do “everything" they needed to do to be successful.

Did you know that you can get the help you need for free through the Time Traders Club?

Time Traders Club is a time and skill exchange where members share their time and expertise with other members for “hour" credits that they can use to get things done in their own business.

It's like a barter - but better. Our system is one to many.

You can do something for another member and earn your credit.
You can spend that credit getting services from ANY of our 200+ Time Traders Club members which include everything from accountants to copywriters, virtual assistants, web designers and more…

You can get just the help you need when you need it!

This is us at Innovation New Mexico event, May 2016 (we were honored as a top innovative business).



Post unlimited skills for trade

Make unlimited trades for free

Earn HOURS by referring friends

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Associate Membership
Are you just starting out in your business (or stuck at the beginner stage?) Our associate membership provides the ability to get coaching and have access to a library of over 100 hours of podcasts and classes to help your business thrive.

$37 /month

$370 /Annual (Save $74)

All the benefits of free membership

Get a free 30 min one-on-one getting started walkthru

One bonus HOUR added to your account monthly

Access our Business Building
MasterClass Archive
(100+ hours of classes & podcasts)

Participate in Monthly Crowdsourced Coaching Hours (where we work on someone's biggest business problem collaboratively)

Time Traders Trio (optional).
We'll assign you to a mini- accountability group of three people to keep you on task.

50% off Chat-based coaching from Meredith via coach.me

50% off virtual “accelerator” class

Attend local Time Traders Club meetups (where available) for free!

Eligible to be promoted to Time Traders Club Expert Level (by invitation) - incl featured listings, joint webinars, the ability to include your classes in our business masterclass library & much more.

Sign Up Monthly Or Pay Annually & Save $54

Want to get more exposure for your business and show your support for collaborative entrepreneurship? Join us as a sponsor and let's work together to get your message out through our solopreneur network.

$97 /month

$970 /Annual (Save $194)

in the Starter & Associate levels -

An additional free HOUR
every month

Get a free
90 minute walkthrough &
trading referral & strategy session

Be included in a quarterly solo email to Time Traders Club Members

Materials featured in our
resource center
(evergreen funnel for you)

on our website.


RSS feed your blog posts
into our Facebook
& other social media


2x per year
VIP mastermind day
with Expert members.
Let's work on your business together.


Sign Up MonthlyOr Pay Annually & Save $194

Frequently Asked Questions

What if no-one wants what I have to offer?

In addition to earning hours doing your regular work, you can also earn hours for referring members to Time Traders club or for volunteer work in our system. Plus, you can list any skills you have, so you can experiment and see which offers are most popular.

Why should I work for free?

It's not working for free - it is a smart way of trading the skills you have for what you need.

No, you can't barter ALL your time. And, you certainly shouldn't be giving away your services. That being said, Time Traders Club gives you a chance to earn time for the time you spend. Spend an hour helping a fellow member with accounting - Save an hour because another member can help you with web design. An hour for an hour. Everyone wins.

What if I can't find any services I need?

With over 200 members, you have a wide variety of offers to choose from. Here some recent trades:

Dave got help with his time management and turned around his musical business
Dawn got help with her sales page text
Eleanor got help with Facebook ads

What's the catch? Why is this free?

We are starting a movement where entrepreneurs collaborate and exchange time with each other. Our mission is to help as many businesses thrive as possible. To do that (and to avoid attaching a value beyond time to the trade), it is free to join and participate on our website. We want as many people involved as possible.